Distribution box

    Name:CBP57 explosion proof distribution box

  • Distribution box
  • Distribution box

  • Application:
  • 1.can be used in zone 1 and zone 2 dangerous places
  • 2.can be used in IIA,IIB ,IICgroup explosive atmosphere
  • 3.able to be used for illuminating,power distributing,multi-circuit voltage-reduced starting,also for meter-controlling and inspect-controlling
  • Notice: please note if need IIC group

  • Feature:
  • 1. the inclosure is welded by high-quality steel plates.inside will be install explosion proof electrical appliances which can be relatively selected according to offered drawing specified technical date and dimensions,it is available to be install in flush plate.directly operating or operating after opening is possible.
  • A.multi-circuit power (illumination) distribution box through being made up of several explosion proof breakers or power (illumination) distribution boxes and a few explosion proof junction boxes,the distribution box can bransform,distribution and control power and energy of 380V,630V.50HZ eletromagnet-system.
  • B.multi-circui electromagent-starting distribution box through being made up of several explosion proof electromagnetic straters or eletromagnetic starting box ,explosion proof CB.operati post and explosion proof junction box ,the contribution can transmit power and centrally control the motors of 380V.50HZ eletrical system.the branch current can reach up to 160 ato user's requirement so as to be controlling remotely.and the single lamp voltmeter.ammeter,etc can be added as require.
  • C.multi-circuit voltage-reduced starting distribution box explosion proof voltage-reduced starter is put in the box to unfrequently start the motors of 50HZ,380V,95KW and below 3phase aquirral-case.it has the protections of short-circuit,phase-failure,overcurrent and motor-block.being controlled mannually or remotely is available.
  • D.meter-controlling.inspect-controlling through inner explosion proof meter or auxiliary instrument,the parameter,pressure,temperature of circuit can be mesaured and inspected.
  • E.compexity type combine appropriate to user's require iment to meet the demands on site.panel's dimension is freely determined asrequired.
  • 2.suitable for GB3836-2000,IE60097 standard request.