Light tower

    Name:CBP1500 All-direction Truck Light Tower

  • Light tower
  • Light tower

  • Description:
  • CBP1500 all-direction truck type light tower is developed to satisfy illumination demand of various public institutions and working fields, such as Amy, railway, electrical industry and mine operations.

  • Function:
  • 1. Illumination performance: The lamp panel is composed of 4 high effective and energy-saving lamp caps. Its power is 1000W.The illumination brightness is high and the scope is wide. Service life of light source is over 10000 hours. Especially it is appropriate for outside illumination.
  • 2. Fluctuation performance: light tower is made of high intensity alloy. It can adjust the height through telecontrol. The height maximum is 6m. 4 lamp caps can turn around achieve the entire job-site lighting.
  • 3. Working time: High-performance power generating units. It can work 9 hours continuously after generating units over a one-off injection petrol. If in the situation of power supply, 220V AC power supply can be connected light tower to realize long time lighting.
  • 4. Convenient operation: two ways control lifting level to lifting and fall, they are remote or switch, the operation is simple, safe and reliable, Wireless remote control mode can work in the scope of 30 meters.
  • 5. Applicable places: light tower is made of high intensity alloy and has stable performance. It can work normally in various harsh environments. Wind resistance rating is class 8.
  • 6. Easy maneuverability: optimize the structural design, mobile handling convenience, connect to the trailer can be easily moved to any construction, rescue scene
  • Main Technical parameter:
  • 1. Rated Voltage: 220V
  • 2. Rated Power: 4000W
  • 3. Generator:
  • (1) Rated output voltage:220V
  • (2) Rated output Power: 5500W
  • (3) Fuel tank capacity: 23L
  • (4) Working Time: 9h
  • (5) Petrol Grade: Max 93#
  • 4. Size:5100*1800*1870mm
  • 5. Maximum dragging speed:60km/h
  • 6. Max. wind resistance grade: Grade 8
  • 7. Max adjustable height:10m
  • 8. Weight:840kg
  • 9. Shell protection grade: IP 65