Light towers

    Name:CQY6801 All directional auto working lamp

  • Light towers
  • Light towers

  • Applicable Place:
  • Suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor worksite. Such as coal industry, petroleum and chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, railway, iron and steel, shipping, army, aviation, police and fire-fighting, government and large-scale factory ‘s fixed lighting need.

  • Functions:
  • Bulb head luminance: The lamp is composed of four 500W high efficiency energy saving lamp heads. According to site requirements. Wireless remote courted can be provided for the controlling of lighting direction of camp. The lamp can be rotated with the range of 360° left and right the total lighting covers all places near or far with high lighting luminance and long service life of Philips bulb.
  • Remote controlled lighting: the lamp disc adopts lifting regulation method by 3-section telescopic cylinder. The max lifting height is 3.5m.the lamp disc can be freely rotated. Around the lamp disc can be freely rotated. Around the lamp dis through the lamp dis through wireless remote controller to realize the purpose of remote controlled lighting within large range.
  • Working time
  • Generator set can be directly used for power supply after being fully fueled. The generator set can work continuously for 13 hours under the locations where mains power is available long time lighting can also be realized through connecting to AC power supply.
  • Operating methods
  • The lofting of telescopic cylinder can be rapidly controlled through adopting electric air pomp. Through wireless remote controller. Within the range of 50m. the starting and closing of each lamp can be separately controlled in 270° and the automatic rotation direction of lamp disc can be controlled.
  • Applicable locations
  • The lamp disc, cylinder and generator set of B model lamp are of integrated structure. The bottom of generator set is installed with universal wheel and rail wheel which make it possible for operation on uneven pavement.
  • Using environment
  • The whole body is made of various of high quality metal with compact structure and stable performance which can ensure the normal operation under various bad environments and dilate conditions. The degree of anti-rain. anti-spraying and anti-wind in 8 degree.
  • If the standard configuration of the product can not satisfy working demands of customers our company can make arrangements according to customer requirements through adjusting lamp head quantity at lamp disc power. Flooding or spotlight type. Lifting height of telescopic cylinder and generator set stc. So as to satisfy individual demands of customers.

  • Main technical parameter:
  • 1. Rated Voltage: 220V
  • 2. Bulb working voltage: 220v, Bulb head Power: 4×500W, Bulb head Luminous flux: 10000Lm, Average using life: 3000h
  • 3. Continuously working: After full fueled: 13h, Main support: long time
  • 4. Size: 1350*500*800mm
  • 5. generator:
  • (1) output voltage:220V
  • (2) output power: 2000W
  • (3) fuel tank rated capacity: 15L
  • 6. Weight: lamp panel:8Kg, Telescopic cylinder: 8kg, Generator: 45kg