Lighting tower

    Name:CSXT2000A lighting Tower

  • Lighting tower
  • Lighting tower

  • Applicable Place:
  • Suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor worksite. Such as coal industry, petroleum and chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, railway, iron and steel, shipping, army, aviation, police and fire-fighting, government and large-scale factory‘s fixed lighting need.

  • Function:
  • Atmosphere: made of various good-quality metal materials, the construction of the lamp is pact, performance is steady, which ensure that the lamp can work normally in various disgusting atmosphere and weather, rainproof, waterproof and windproof is rated as eight.
  • Custom-built service: if the standard equipment of the lamp can not meet the working requirement of clients, our company can regulate lamp head quantity of lamp plate, power flood lamp or spotlight, lifting height of extension cylinder and generator to meet the individual requirement of clients.

  • Main technical parameter:
  • 1. Rated voltage:24V
  • 2. Lamp panel:
  • (1) work voltage:24V
  • (2) bulb power:2*35W
  • (3) bulb luminous flux: 6000lm
  • (4) bulb average service life: 10000h
  • 3. Continuous working time:26h
  • 4. Telescopic cylinder:
  • (1) min height:1500mm
  • (2) max Lifting height:2800mm
  • 5. Generating set:
  • (1) rated voltage:24V/12V
  • (2) rated capacity: 100/200Ah
  • (3) charging current: 15A
  • (4) charging time: 12-16h
  • 6. Size: lamp panel with lamp pole:700×140×1800mm, Generator base: 460×323×480mm
  • 7. Weight: lamp panel:6kg, Telescopic cylinder: 3.5kg, Generating set: 50kg