Lighting towers

    Name:CQY6700 Portable Fluctuation Light Tower

  • Lighting towers
  • Lighting towers

  • Applicable Place:

  • Functions:
  • Fluctuation performance: The lamp uses three pieces flex pole to fluctuate. The lighting height can be adjusted freely; with max value 3m.Each lamp can be adjusted up and down, right and left individually. The whole lamp plate can revolve 360c horizontally around flex pole, to realize floodlighting in wide area, projector lighting in relative centralizing area.

  • Main technical parameter:
  • 1. Rated voltage: AC220V/50HZ
  • 2. Lamp plates:Cap power: 150w x 2(halogen tungsten lamp), Luminous flux: 2 x 1000lm, Lamp bulb life: 10000h
  • 3. Working time: full filling fuel oil one time: 6h, Connecting with city electricity: long time
  • 4. Flex pole: min height: 1200mm, Max height: 2800mm
  • 5. Generating set: rated output voltage: AC220V/50Hz, Power/gasoline tank capacity: 650W/4.2L
  • 6. Outline dimension: Telescopic cylinder: 105 x 356x260mm, Lamp panel: 460 x 323 x355mm
  • 7. Weight: lamp plate: 6kg, Telescopic cylinder: 2kg, Generator base: 33kg