Working lamp

    Name:CQY3000T all directional auto working lamp

  • Working lamp
  • Working lamp

  • Applicable Place:
  • Suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor worksite. Such as coal industry, petroleum and chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, railway, iron and steel, shipping, army, aviation, police and fire-fighting, government and large-scale factory ‘s fixed lighting need.

  • Functions:
  • 1. luminance: Lamp Plate is made up of our 500W PHlL1PS Brand lamp heads. The lamp heads can laminate in four different directions, evenly according to the requirement of working sites each lamp head can be rotated upwards, down words, left and right to illuminate in angle of 360°, if the four lamp heads illuminate in the same direction, overturn the lamp plate in the open direction within the angle of 250°,rotate the lamp plate left and right in the angle of 360°surrounding the axis of cylinder. Philips lamp heads of bulb is long.
  • 2.illuminating range: adopting extension cylinder of five sections as lifting method, maximum lifting height is 6m. turn the lamp head upwards and downwards to adjust the illuminating angle of beam, radius of covering with 220v main power, lamp of connected with generator filled with oil to full, both lamps can work 13 hours continuously.
  • 3. Convenient operating mode: the height of extension cylinder can be adjusted quickly with electrical or manual air pump, on and off of each lamp can be controlled with wireless control in the range of 50m.
  • 4. Applicability: lower part of cylinder for lamp is installed with adjustable pods. Car be fixed on the slope no more than 15°, grave rode and narrow places reliable.
  • 5. Atmosphere: made of various good-quality metal materials, the construction of the lamp is pact, performance is steady, which ensure that the lamp can work normally in various disgusting atmosphere and weather, rainproof, waterproof and windproof is rated as eight.
  • 6. custom-tailor service : if the standard equipment of the lamp can not meet the working requirement of clients, our company can regulate lamp head quantity of lamp plate, power, flood lamp or spotlight, lifting height of extension cylinder and generator to meet the individual requirement of clients.

  • Main technical parameter:
  • 1. Rated voltage: 220V
  • 2. Lamp: Working voltage: 220V, Bulb holder power: 4×150W, Lamp head luminance: 10000lm, Average using time: 3000h
  • 3. Continued time, Main power: long time
  • 4. Extension cylinder: min height 1800mm, Max height: 6000mm/4500mm, Lifting time: 45s
  • 5. Outer size: (L X W X H), Extension cylinder: 2000× 350×350mm, Lamp panel: 550×480×380mm
  • 6.Weight (lamp panel): 8kg