Dome lamp

    Name:CNFC9176 Longevity Dome Lamp

  • Dome lamp
  • Dome lamp

  • Application:
  • Suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor worksite. Such as coal industry, petroleum and chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, railway, iron and steel, shipping, army, aviation, police and fire-fighting, government and large-scale factory‘s fixed lighting need.

  • Features:
  • 1. Adopt new energy-saving lamp, it can be sudden cold start and hot start.
  • the factor of light source power>0.95 , high light efficiency, environmental,Energy-saving, no strobospic, anti-dazzle, it can avoid uncomfortable for worker .Improve the work efficiency.
  • 2. The life of light source is up to 80000hours. No need to change light source within the life of product.
  • 3. Optimization of structure design and high-strength aluminum alloy shell. It has a high-strength shock-proof and impact capacity.
  • 4. It convenient to change bubbles. Light fitting and electric box are separate design, small volume, light weight, beauty structure, simple shape.
  • 5. It has corrosion-proof, rustiness-proof and can be used in vile environment,.
  • Suitable for Lamp-post, hung ceiling, derrick and all kinds of installation, can be used in different environmental needs lighting.
  • Application:
  • 1. Electrode less fluorescent lamp:40W
  • 2. Rated Voltage:220 VAC 50Hz
  • 3. Shell Protection Grade: IP65
  • 4. Corrosion-proof grade: WF2
  • 5. Insulation Class: I
  • 6. Entrance cable: φ8~14mm
  • 7. L/H:4.6
  • 8. Size:230*140mm
  • 9. Weight:2.2Kg