Emergency lamp

    Name:CBFE8120 Explosion-proof Emergency Lamp

  • Emergency lamp
  • Emergency lamp

  • Applications:
  • It can be used as lighting fixture in explosive and flammable locations, roadways, operations areas and construction plants indoors or outdoors.

  • Features:
  • It features explosive-isolated and explosion-proof lamp, which can work safely and reliably in combustible and explosive dangerous sites.
  • High efficiency gas discharge lamp is applied as light source featuring high lighting effects, it means life is more than 10000 hours.
  • Globe is made of large radian and high temperature resistant specially made tempered glass that enlarges heat elimination space, reduces temperature rising and increase the life of light source.
  • The lamp surface is designed with the latest coating technology featuring no color change, no rust, water proof and rain proof performance, which is applied to outdoor application for long time.
  • It is easy to be installed with various methods such as pendant mount, wall mount and ceiling mount.

  • Product Data:
  • 1. Metal halogen lamp: 35/70W, Sodium lamp: 70W
  • 2. Standard: 70W
  • 3. Rated Voltage: 220VAC/12VDC
  • 4. Shell Protection Grade: IP65
  • 5. Insulation Class: I
  • 6. Corrosion-proof grade: WF2
  • 7. Weight: Lamp: 3.5Kg, Ballast compartment: 5Kg
  • 8. Size: Lamp: 376*265*167mm, Ballast compartment: 245*156*141mm
  • 9. Emergency lighting time: above 80min
  • 10. Charging Time: below 20h
  • 11. Ex-mark: ExdIIB T4/T6